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What is Full Text Finder?

Full Text Finder is a library service that provides links to full text articles based on citation information. 

This service often appears as a link integrated into several academic search platforms including ArticlesPlus, PubMed, and Google Scholar (click for examples).  Once clicked, the link will open a Full Text Finder page. The page often provides multiple links to the same full text article, which may be available from multiple publishers or providers, as well as links to additional services from OU Libraries.

Below is an example of a typical Full Text Finder page you might encounter, with a key explaining its features:


Full Text Finder page example

A. Full Text Options - These links lead to a full text version of the cited article.  The article may be available directly on the site (HTML form) or available for download as a PDF, depending on the content provider. There are sometimes multiple options due to an article being available through multiple providers, each with a unique website. 

B. Journal Browsing Options - These links lead to a site where you can browse the entire journal and its issues.  They can be useful for further exploring a journal, or if the Full Text Options fail to accurately link to the article. 

C. Interlibrary Loan - If no full text links are available, or the links provided don't work, this link can be used to place an interlibrary loan (ILL) request.  It will direct you to an auto-filled form that is sent to the OU Libraries' ILL staff, who can request a copy of the article from another institution.  You can learn more about ILL services here.

D. Report Linking Issues - Use this link to quickly report any issues encountered on this page.  The link directs to an auto-filled form that can be submitted with just two clicks.  Submissions help OU Libraries staff identify recurring access issues.

E. Catalog Search - Use these links to search for the journal title (but not the specific article) in traditional library catalogs.  Links are available for journal title and ISSN searches in both OU's ALICE catalog and the OhioLINK online catalog.

F. Get Help Tab - If you would like immediate assistance, click on this tab to chat directly with an OU Libraries staff member.


Last updated: Jun 28, 2022

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