Q. How does the ALICE Catalog’s advanced keyword search work?


The Advanced Keyword search menu in the ALICE catalog offers many options to modify a search.  Below are the most common ways you can use advanced search techniques to narrow your search results. 

Subject Explanation Examples
All Words
(Boolean “AND”)
Find records that contain all of your search terms. Unless you specify otherwise (see options below), ALICE will attempt to find all the words in your search. China trade
Either Word
(Boolean “OR”)
Use “or” to find either word. hurricanes or typhoons
Phrase Searching Use quotation marks to search multiple words as a phrase. This will usually find fewer records than the same words without the quotation marks. “stock market”
Exclude a Word
(Boolean “NOT”)
Use “and not” to exclude words. Use this carefully because you might miss material of interest to you. ecotourism and not Africa
Truncation (Word Roots) Use * to truncate a word. Greek myth* would find Greek mythGreek mythsGreek mythology, etc.


digital photo* would find digital photosdigital photography, etc.

Wildcards Use ? for a single character. wom?n would find woman or women
qui?ote would find quixote or quijote
Fields A field limit causes the system to search only the specified field for the word(s) you entered. The fields are:


  • Author or Creator
  • Title
  • Subject
  • Publisher’s Name/Notes
Fields may be used in combination:
Greek myth and [Publisher’s Name/Notes field] Oxford would find items on Greek myth published by Oxford University Press.
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